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Picking an attorney for a legal matter is never easy. Choosing a lawyer to represent you in a divorce or criminal case is that much harder. I have  successfully represented clients in DeKalb County Superior Court, Fulton County Superior Court, Cobb County Superior Court, Gwinnett County Superior Court and all throughout the State of Georgia.

Choosing the right lawyer to represent you through a divorce action, DUI or criminal matter is likely the single most important thing you, as the client, can do.

There are several things that differentiate me from other Dekalb, Fulton, Gwinnett and Cobb lawyers and law firms that you should consider when deciding whether or not to retain my office. First and foremost, I have been in your shoes. Years ago, before I was an attorney or a law student, I was married and found myself getting divorced; furthermore I have been a defendant accused of a crime by the State.  Just like you, I was looking for a lawyer. Just like you I did not understand the process and was uncertain about my future. I spoke to many lawyers and was frustrated when they did not speak to me in plain English.

I have modeled my practice on the lawyer, or the type of lawyer I wish I had found years ago. I counsel and assist my clients through the divorce process, DUI or criminal case with a full understanding of their fears, concerns and emotions. I explain things to my clients in plain English and fully explain the ramifications of each step of the process; and I promptly return phone calls.

Another thing that sets me apart from other lawyers is that I have not always been a lawyer. I worked many non-legal jobs before becoming an attorney.  I have worked as a construction mechanic, in sales, owned my own personal training business, and had the honor of serving 24 years as a professional firefighter. The totality of my frame of reference is not as a kid whose daddy or mommy was a lawyer, became an attorney right out of school, inherited a thriving law practice, and has no ‘real world’ knowledge.  Like many of my clients, I have been an “outsider looking in” to the legal world. My time spend prior to becoming an attorney makes me a better attorney in explaining the law to my clients and understanding their true needs and feelings.

No two cases are exactly the same; don’t hire a firm that will not property address your specific needs and concerns. Issues of child custody, marital debt, liquid asset distribution, property distribution, real property issues, spousal support and maintenance, alimony, visitation. and child support may or may not be a part of your divorce. Regardless if you need economic evaluations of businesses, to divide a military pension, to sell a house, or simple to draft and file the documents I will help you reach your goals.

While I have filled my web site with substantive and easy to understand information regarding Georgia matrimonial law,  divorce and family law, DUI law, criminal law and Department of Driver’s Services information no attorney’s web site can cover every conceivable issue that may arise in a Dekalb, Fulton, Cobb, or Gwinnett divorce proceeding, DUI case, felony or misdemeanor prosecution, child support or custody case. Please give me a call to discuss your case.

Call divorce attorney Donato “Dan” Palumbo – My Cousin Danny, today at 470-275-1500 or email:

Common Legal Questions

How do I file for divorce?

A divorce is initiated by filing a Domestic Relations Case Initiation Form, Summons, and Petition for Divorce with the Court Clerk of the relevant County of the Parties; and paying a filing fee. Once a divorce is properly filed the Respondent (person not initiating the divorce) must be served with process.

How long before I get my license back?

It depends on your past driving history, your age, the class of driver’s license you have and the current charges against you.  As an example, for drivers over 21 years old a second, non-drug-related DUI conviction within five years of the prior conviction will result in DDS will suspending your license for three years.  Call to discuss the specifics of your case.

What Can i drive with a DUI?

Once again, it depends. If your DUI conviction was drug-related (the influence of drugs alone, or alcohol and drugs combined) you face different rules regarding license suspension. For a second DUI-Drug conviction in five years, DDS will issue a yearlong “hard suspension” of your license, meaning that you won’t be allowed to drive for 12 months, period. But if you enter an alternative sentencing program like a DUI or Drug Court, you might be eligible for limited permit.

Can I get 50/50 Custody?

In Georgia child custody has two components: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody is the right and ability to talk to your child’s doctor, teachers and such. Think of it as the ability to have a say in their life. Physical custody is the person who the child primarily lives with.  Most divorcing parents will have joint legal custody (50/50 custody) of any minor children born of the marriage, while designating one parent as the physical custodian of the child or children.  However, it is possible to have 50/50 joint legal and physical custody.

How much does a divorce cost?

There is no magic answer to that question. Other than everybody paying the same filing fee to initiate a divorce each divorce contains different issues, different disputes and different personalities. The Parties to the divorce have the biggest influence on the final cost of the divorce.  Litigants who are fighting over silverware and toiletries out of spite for each other are likely to spend a larger amount that people who have resolved most of their issues.  High value divorces with stocks, multiple parcels of real property, business or large pre-marital assets will also cost more than divorces with less assets.  Lawyers sell their time. A divorce that takes more hours is going to cost more than a divorce that takes less hours. Let’s talk about your divorce so you will have an idea of the total cost.

Can i leave the state with my kids?

A well drafted parenting plan will cover contingencies and events you might not have though of. Interstate, intrastate and international travel are all issues that should be considered before signing any agreement.  Depending on the facts of your case out of state travel with your children should be permissible with reasonable notice to the child’s other parent. What is reasonable notice? Call me, and lets talk.    

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